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New Issue #88 Vol. 22, No. 4 (October-December 2023)
Published: January 31, 2024


Original Article: 2023;4:1

Krishnan G, Padickaparambil S, Thomas J, Thomas I. Sexual Narcissism among Men with Sexual Dysfunctions: An Exploratory Study.

Original Article: 2023;4:2

Sarkar K, Ahmad N, Banik D. Burden of Syphilis Infection and Biological False Positive Reactivity in VDRL test Among Pregnant Females: Insights from a Two- Year Study.

Original Article: 2023;4:3

Mulomb K, Govender L. The Clinical Profile and Obstetric Outcomes of Patients with Placenta Praevia at a Regional Hospital in Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Original Article: 2023;4:4

Ndong MT, Ibouanga BA, Kenguele MH, Touré IA, Bisseye C. Prevalence and Loa loa Filariasis Risk Factors: Case of Koula-Moutou and Surrounding Departments, in Central-Eastern Gabon.

Original Article: 2023;4:5

Rao N, Shetty T, Singh BMK, Singh VK, Bhat G. Upper Gastrointestinal Xanthomas- A Retrospective Clinicopathological Review of 16 Cases.

Original Article: 2023;4:6

Ahamed KA, Rehana FMA, Hameed FUS, Ramula M. Impact of Core Needle Biopsy as the First Diagnostic Procedure in Palpable Breast Masses among Rural Population: Single Institutional Study.

Case Report: 2023;4:7

Chandrasekaran K, Babu EPK, Kanna NRR, Raghavan V. A Rare Case of Ectopic Thyroid Tissue in Gall Bladder.

Case Report: 2023;4:8

Suresh R, Rakshitha HB, Shankar VS, Fathima SA. A Rare Benign Granular Cell Tumor in the Axillary Tail of Spence.

Case Report: 2023;4:9

Sehgal S, Sharma S, Shukla S, Sharma S. A Rare ?-chain Variant Hb Fontainebleau in an Adult Male – Lessons Learnt.


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