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New Issue #85 Vol. 22, No. 1 (January-March 2023)
Published: May 15, 2023


Original Article: 2023;1:1

Neog N, Baruah M, Biswas K, Hazarika H. An Inter District Analysis of Public Healthcare Infrastructure Disparities in Assam.

Original Article: 2023;1:2

Wang I, Spector AL, Gliedt JA, Rahman MH, Ritchie D. Trends and Race/Ethnic Differences in Levels of TC/HDL-C Ratio in the US Among Individuals Aged 6-80 Years: NHANES 2005-2020.

Original Article: 2023;1:3

Das C, Baruah T, Mondal N. Rural-Urban Comparison of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Assam, India: A Hospital Based Cross-sectional Study.

Original Article: 2023;1:4

Kouchek M, Soltani S, Memarian A, Aghakhani K. Etiology and Prognosis in Burning of Children and Adolescents During 2009-2019.

Original Article: 2023;1:5

Amita K, Dhanlakshmi B, Sanjay M. Evaluation of Efficacy of IAC Yokahama Reporting System For Breast Cytology A Single Institutional Experience.

Review: 2023;1:6

Shah R, Agarwal D, Patil M, Parasnis M, Juvekar S. Effect of Household Air Pollution on Blood Pressure A Review.

Case Report: 2023;1:7

Thomas E, Vairamuthu P, Kumar RS. Extramammary Metastases to the Breast: A Clinical and Diagnostic Masquerader.

Cse Report: 2023;1:8

Shabunin AV, Dolidze DD, Lebedinsky IN, Bagatelia ZA, Dzhamilov Sh.R, Sukhotko AS, Kovaleva MV, Covantsev S. Wide Excision of a Desmoid Tumor of the Anterior Abdominal Wall with Subsequent Reconstruction.

Case Report: 2023;1:9

Kumar S, Ashok S, Kumar M, Kamath AK, Pandey H. Renal Ganglioneuroma.

Case Report: 2023;1:10

Bisht P, Khetrapal S, Sehgal S, Jetley S, Jain V. An Unusual Case of DRESS Syndrome Presenting with Marked Leucocytosis.

Case Report: 2023;1:11

Manickam N, Palaniappan D, Vellaisamy SG, Gopalan K. Lupus Vulgaris Coexisting with Sinonasal Tuberculosis and Tuberculous Dacrocystitis.


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