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New Issue #84 Vol. 21, No. 4 (October-December 2022)
Published: January 31, 2023


Original Article: 2022;4:1

Das N, Mistry C, Dongre AR. A Scoping Review of Research on Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) in India.

Original Article: 2022;4:2

Nair KS. India's Healthcare System Performance Compared with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An Observational Study.

Original Article: 2022;4:3

Banskota N, Mondal N. Associations Between Menopausal Symptoms with Socio-economic, Demographic and Lifestyle Variables among Postmenopausal Women of Assam, Northeast India.

Original Article: 2022;4:4

Jyothi Lakshmi S, Shivakumarswamy. Menstrual Hygiene Management and Socio-demographic Factors among Rural Female Adolescents in Two Backward Districts of Karnataka: A Community Based Cross-Sectional Study.

Original Article: 2022;4:5

Gaonkar OU, Raghuraj U. Evaluation of Enhancement Pattern of Malignant Lung Lesion During Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography -  Cross Sectional Study.

Original Article: 2022;4:6

Anu, Verma BS, Kumar S. Clinical Profile and Predictors of In-Hospital Mortality in Septic Shock Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Original Article: 2022;4:7

Yoganna PN, Sandra A, Bachol K, Maheswari E, Aruna Sree P. Prevalence of Drug Interactions and Potentially Inappropriate Medications Among Geriatric Patients in India.

Original Article: 2022;4:8

Rather AA, Salati SA, Alfehaid M. Post-Cholecystectomy Surgical Re-intervention for Cystic Duct Remnant - An Experience.

Original Article: 2022;4:9

Bansal P, Bhargava D, Bansal P, Ali S. Determination of ABO Blood Group and Rhesus Factor from Teeth: A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial.

Original Article: 2022;4:10

Goswami V, Gupta V. Child Undernutrition among the Bhoksa Tribe of Uttarakhand in India.

Case Report: 2022;4:11

Covantsev S, Tcaci A, Mulaeva K, Belic O. Unusual Anatomy of the Testicular Arteries: A Case Report and Review of the Clinical Implications.

Letter: 2022;4:12

Kini SB. A Serious Compromise in the Quality of Medical Education in India by Some Recently Established Private Medical Colleges.


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